For all of you shoppers on a budget, the M. Toulouse saddle is a great purchase. We can't all have the expensive, amazing Pessoa saddles, but we do have the opportunity of buying a great saddle for a reasonable price. I really enjoy my M. Toulouse jumping saddle. It is comfy, good quality, and what more is there to say? I own a used one which is still in really good shape, and I got it for $250. I saw another used one which cost $650 at the local tack shop. Okay, I will admit this is not the ideal price, but it is cheaper than the really good saddles, yet it's still really good quality! My mother andI talked to the local tack shop owner about the M. Toulouse brand, and she said all her saddles of that brand are usually gone within the first day she gets them. If that's not proof, I don't know what is.

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