One day, I was riding my horse Robin beside the road along with Noora riding Gossip by my side. We had to follow to road in order to arrive at the equestrian preserve nearby our stable. Our horses aren't phased by anything, or so I thought. They're not afraid of cars, loud, annoying dogs, goats, bikes, nor anything else. We were walking past this other barn, which we've walked past about a million times. The horses in the pasture often come up to the fence to greet our horses. Robin and Gossip aren't usually interested in the other horses. But today there was something different. In one of the pastures there was a baby donkey. It trotted up to the fence to look at us. 
Suddenly, Robin and Gossip start to freak out, rearing and running away. I was riding in the bareback pad, so I fell off, luckily on to my feet though. I caught Robin and walked him past the donkey, then mounted again. The donkey chased us while bucking happily until he was stopped by the fence. That also freaked Robin out. A couple days later we revisited the donkey, and the horses had the same reaction, although this time we brought the horses up to the fence, and let them have a good sniff at the donkey. They seemed less scared after that. Although it's quite funny how they fear nothing, not even dogs or goats, yet a donkey really freaks them out. It's quite odd, don't you think? They've probably never seen a donkey before, yet they've never seen a lot of things before. They didn't even react in anyway to dogs who were loose and jumping in the air before us. And they weren't afraid of their first encounter with a lawn mower either.
The next thing I wanted to talk about is idiot car drivers, as you can tell from the title. Some car drivers just don't have the common sense to understand that horses spook easily, being prey animals. They just speed away as fast as they want, with their radios blasting loud. On the same trip that we encountered the donkey, this red sports car came fast down the road behind us. We knew he was coming, and we also knew that he was going extremely fast. I wasn't sure what the speed limit was, but he was definitely speeding. He zoomed past us, and even though Robin isn't the frightened type, even he got a bit unnerved. The car driver didn't have the sense, the courtesy, to slow down even a bit for us. These kinds of people annoy me. I get it if the driver doesn't see us, but we were in plain sight! And how was he supposed to know our horses weren't extremely spooky? For all he knew, we could have ended up in a ditch with a broken arm!

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