We took it easy today. My friend Pauliina and I took Gossip and Robin out for a trail ride. It was pretty late so we tried to  fit s much fun as we could into one day. She rode Gossip and I rode Robin. we started by walking by the side of the road until we arrives on a small dirt road. Usually we cut across the neighbors property to get to the forest, but this time we took a different route. We continued down the dirt road and trotted a little way. Gossip was constantly nervous because f the puddles, while Robin confidently walked past or through them. One thing I don't get is why Gossip had to circle 10 yardsaround the puddle instead of skirting it just slightly. Did he think some Mud Monster of Death would reach out and pull him in? Some of the puddles were even clear and he could easily see the bottom. I know horses can't judge depth easily, but this one was too easy! Gossip even shied away from mud spots. Why is this pony so weird? Pauliina and I walked and trotted down a long,straight path where there wasn't may Puddles of Doom, and we picked up a nice, calm gallop. It felt nice to take it easy. The next we galloped we raced. Gossip (normally a lazy horse) really got excited. I guess that 25% Thoroughbred really kicked in. For once you believe that he is the great, great grandson of Secretariat. Robin didn't give it his all, and I think he's saving his energy for later when Pauliina gets cocky about always winning the races. Then, WHAM! She wouldn't know what hit her. We took the forest route back and jumped the fallen tree branches along the way. By then it was almost dark and we told scary stories to each other. Robin trotted so fast anyone would've thought he was monte pony. Monte is trot racing with a rider in the saddle and no carriage. Robin's breed (Gotland Russ)  is often seen on the track. Once home, we sponged off Gossip and Robin and laughed at the way Gossip ate his apple slice. While Robin ate his apple three (often two) swift bites, Gossip took 20 mini bites out of his apple slice. What a cutie! Well

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