Robin is the horse love of my life. Now why do I love him as much as I do? Let's see: I love a horse that loves me. It would be very hard to love a horse that didn't return the gesture. Even simple things make my heart light up with joy, like when Robin walks toward me when I step into the pasture, and when he whinnies or nickers at me in greeting, or when he lifts his head up and pushes his nose against the bar of his stall when I walk by. Robin means the world to me!
A few other reasons are because I feel safe around him. He never bucks and never rears, and even though he's energetic, and runs off, he always stops eventually, and doesn't even go that fast. Yes, and of course I love his enthusiasm. I especially witness it on the trails. He canters and jumps over any log that comes in our way. He always tries his hardest, and is eager to please. We got him from an owner who had only had him for a little while, and didn't know much about him. But we believe he used to be abused, because he was pretty jumpy. Yet he was a sweetheart, so we bought him. Now he's come such a long way, and I'm proud of him. Now he trusts me, and I trust him. I feel like he needs me, and that makes me need him more.
Some other reasons why I love Robin is just because of the little things he does. Like the way he flares his nostrils and creates a little crinkly dip in the middle of his gray and black nose, which is so adorable! I also love the way he politely tickles me in the stomach with his upper lip when he searches for treats.  He also follows me without being asked. For example, when I lead him into the ring and start setting up jumps, he follows me around while watching me drag the poles and jumping standards from place to place.


Boy you do pick the worst, fortunately not all yard owners are complete numpties and I'm sure you will find a suitable one. Enjoy the riding and enjoyed reading your thoughts.


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