So I had recently made some new videos on YouTube (I will make a video post soon). I posted the links on my Facebook page as I usually have, and my mom commented on one of them, mainly featuring Robin, the pony of my dreams <3. Before I can tell you what she said, you should know I am in Finland visiting my dad, so I won't be seeing him until the end of summer, which sucks. So this is what my mom commented:
"Your bucking bronco misses you! Nobody else is qualified to ride him:("
I was touched, sad and happy all at the same time. I'm glad he misses me, because I miss him so much my heart throbs when I think of him. I almost cry frequently. When I went for a horse camp I talked of him constantly to my friends, and in every situation when I was riding, I thought of what Robin would do if I was riding him instead of one of the school horses.

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