Okay, I'm sure some of your are familiar with Pony Club, right? Well, I'm a member of the Tuscawilla Pony Club and last Saturday we had D Rally, which is an eventing rally for riders that have a D rating. I'm a D-2. For those of you who won't know Pony Club or don't understand ratings, I'll explain that in a future post! Anyways, I was really excited about this rally as it is my first rally with my lovely pony Robin. We did the Intro C dressage class, and the 18 inch classes for stadium jumping and cross country. I uploaded a video of my dressage test on YouTube so you all can see it! I thought it went pretty well or the most part except Robin jumped out of the ring -.-' He made up for everything (including running out on one jump for stadium jumping) with his cross country, which was perfect. Definitely our strongest performance! Yes, I am wearing a jumping saddle for dressage. I do own a dressage saddle but for Pony Club rallies they are not required, which is understandable, as not everyone has a dressage saddle. Anyways, the link below will show you the video of my dressage test: 

Now for the pictures! Be prepared, there are a lot of them, but if you wait 'till the end, your in for an amazing pic! Isn't my dad and amazing photographer?

And for the best pic of all...

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